Stacked Juice: Deez Waffles

Today I have an e-liquid to share with you from Stacked Juice, Deez Waffles. Deez Waffles is one of two flavors available in the Stacked Juice line. I'll be reviewing the other flavor, Dis Churro, in a future review.

Deez Waffles comes in a glass, child proof dropper bottle with tamper evident seal. The label has all of the relevant information I like to see on there. The VG/PG ratio is 80/20, making for great vapor production. Nicotine is available in 0, 3, and 6mg.

Deez Waffles is described as, "A delicious waffle sandwich packed with a lemon meringue filling. Once you get a taste of this mouth watering sandwich you'll be sure to be back for more! "

I have to admit I was very happy to find that this wasn't your typical waffle and maple syrup e-liquid. I like original flavors and Deez Waffles is a refreshing new spin on waffle flavored e-liquids. On inhale I get the flavor of fresh crispy waffles followed by a creamy lemon meringue filling. The lemon meringue is very nice, it's smooth, a little sweet and the lemon doesn't over power the flavor. On the exhale the meringue is the dominate flavor and leaves a kiss of sweetness on your tongue. Deez Waffles is a lovely flavor. It's goes very nicely with a cup of coffee.

You can purchase Deez Waffles at Ejuice Demand. Pricing is $24.99 for a 60ml bottle and $44.99 for an 120ml bottle.

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