Review Process

My Review Process

 Every eliquid and any vape gear I review I want to make sure I've put it through a fair, and rigorous testing before writing a review.

Eliquid Reviews

I try to steep all my e-liquids for up to 2 weeks, unless the vendor has stated that they are pre-steeped and ready to go right out of the mailbox. Still, if I try a new flavor on delivery and I don't care for it I let it steep a while to give it a fair chance.

That said, I sample each e-liquid when I receive it and if I really like it, I'll go ahead and vape it. Some flavors are excellent right from the start and some flavors that are mediocre, absolutely blossom after a good steep.

I try to vape each flavor for at least a couple of days before making a judgement about it. I feel you can't really review a flavor if you haven't spent some time with it. I see reviewers all the time state that they are just trying the e-liquid for the first time, then proceed to say they either like it or don't.  I don't feel that anyone should base a review on trying something for a few minutes.

Hardware Reviews

Vape Gear - Mods, tanks, ect. take time to get to know. What starts out as an awesome piece of equipment, may start to show problems after it's been in use a while. I will put anything I review through the paces before giving my opinion on it.

I want to be fair to the vendors so if you send me e-liquid or gear to review please give me the time to give a fair and accurate review.